How can I contact you if I have a question that is not found on this list?

You can contact us via our social media pages, text message or WhatsApp, email or telephone.

Can I return my medications?

Our strict policies do not allow us to accept returns. Our supply chain process is very controlled to assure the authenticity and quality of our products. Once the product is out of our pharmacy, we cannot take them back.

Do you have an establishment I can visit?

Yes, we are located on Paseo Finisterra 136, Fonatur Golf Course, 23406 San José del Cabo, B.C.S, where we will be happy to greet you.

What benefits will I receive if I purchase my medications at We Care?

Aside from receiving all of our great benefits, once you sign up with us you will have your own electronic wallet where you will receive loyalty points with a real-life monetary value. You will be able to use these points for any future purchases.

Can you ship controlled substances?

Yes, but it is crucial that send us your prescription in the mail. This is stated in the applicable legislation within the fractions I, II, and III. Contact us for more information.

Can you ship refrigerated medications?

Yes, we offer the shipment of refrigerated medications. We put them inside cooled containers to make sure they do not spoil. For shipments outside of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas we use an express parcel service that ships the next day. These types of shipments can only be made from Monday to Thursday.

How will my medications be shipped?

There will be personalized delivery times depending on your specific needs in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. You can pick these times when you receive the confirmation of your order. For the rest of the country, we use DHL, FedEx and Estafeta.

Can you ship to my city?

We ship throughout Mexico.

How can I pay for my medications?

We take credit and debit cards, direct deposits from convenient stores, electronic transfers, PayPal and cash payments.

Can I acquire all my medications at We Care?

Even if you don’t see your medications on our catalog, you can contact us at any time, and we will gladly help you find them.

How can I send my prescription?

You can scan it and send it to us via email or WhatsApp. If what you need is a controlled medication it is necessary for us to have the physical prescription, so if this is the case, we will help you mail it to us.

What do I need to fill my prescription at We Care?

According to Mexican national regulations, it is of great importance that you bring your prescription from you doctor. If you are ordering your medications from another state or cannot come pick them up, we will set it up so they can be sent to you wherever you are. If you do not have a prescription you can also come to us and we can schedule a medical evaluation with our staff, or also recommend you the best doctors in Los Cabos.

How can I make an order?

Contact us via telephone, send us a message through WhatsApp or you can come to the pharmacy.

How can We Care make sure I do not forget my medications?

  • Monthly follow ups to go over any questions you may have about your treatment.
  • Reminders to restock your medication when you need it.
  • Professional help any time you need.

If I can’t find my medications on your catalog does that mean that you don’t carry it?

At We Care we will explore all of the options until we find your medication.
Telephone: + 52 624 1308377
WhatsApp: +52 624 1926917

How can I pay for the medications?

We accept credit and debit cards, direct deposits to the store or convenient stores, wire transfers, PayPal, or in cash directly at the store.

Can you work with my doctor?

Yes of course. We will contact your doctor as long as he/she allows it.

Do you work with insurance companies?

Yes, you can send us a picture of your insurance policy and we will tell you how we can work with them.

How much does the concierge service cost?

This service is always free. The only thing you will pay for is your medication.